Trying to Understand the Lost & Confused

Well, I can’t exactly talk about my job in full detail due to confidentiality laws, but anyone who has had to help people that they themselves can’t exactly relate to can understand what I am talking about.  It’s like trying to take care of a severely autistic person when you yourself have never encountered a […]

What is Meaningful to You?

Since I’ve been out of school for a long time, I have been thinking about trying to look harder for “meaningful” work.  That’s a different definition for everyone.  Meaningful to me is what is worth while to you.  Everyone wants a career, not a job.  Most people settle for jobs. I have.  I’ve settled my […]

Where’d ya go?

I’m still here. Trust me. I’ve been sick with a head cold lately. Twice in the past two months. Not cool. It’s probably because of this crazy weather in Arkansas. Even though, I’m in Northwest Arkansas, the weather still manages to act like it’s on hallucinogenic drugs. I’ve also been working on my Rick and […]

My 2017 Recap & Goals for the New Year

Well, it is officially the year 2018. Huzzah! Unfortunately, the recap for 2017 is a short one. Pete & I got a new dog at the beginning of April 2017! His name is Bear. He is German Shepherd/Mastiff/Pitbull/(maybe Rottweiler). He was 4 months old when we got him. NOW…He’s 1 year old! 2. Our house […]

Taking Advantage of Insecurities

I have already been given the same sales pitch over 3 times in the past 2 years. It’s always the usual spiel: “It’s a monthly payment, ‘not that expensive’ (even though it is), it’s worth it in the long run, and it’s good for your health.” All this time in my head I am talking […]

Bringing Out the Anger

Everyone has had that moment where you want to just let out the “beast.” This makes me think of the scene from Mulan where she’s explaining why she got into a fight. “You get those ‘manly urges’ and you just want to kill something, fix things, or cook outdoors.” Hilarious in cinema, but in actuality […]

Small Town Music

 I have always liked seeing creative or anything positive come out of my teenie tiny hometown of Waldron, Arkansas, Population: 3,508. These guys Connor Schlorff & Grant VanRavensway are what makes up the Restless Vagabond. Go find them on Facebook to Like & Follow.